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For years, many of us have dedicated ourselves to the war on teab*gs. One of my tea blogger friends posted the other day about another success in this war, but it perversely made me wonder: is it ever winnable? And do we want to win? And what do we want to win? And who are we? Phew, the questions are piling up. Let’s start by defining the war on teab*gs….

Shannon’s Kitchen Has Balls

Today I’m going to share with you my favourite food blogger. Shannon blogs about healthy food…theoretically. Let’s back up and talk about me. Of course. When I started this blog, I knew I was going to give myself permission to discuss anything I damn well wanted. Sure, I had to work tea into every post, but that hasn’t stopped me from discussing tea workers conditions, Shakespeare, slavery, sex and the…


I get asked questions all the time, here’s one from little Mandy of Manchester, UK: Dear Lord Devotea, do you condone biscuit-dunking in tea? It’s a vexed question, Mandy, and I’ll try to answer it succinctly: Yes. As succinct as that is, I’ll have to add a few qualifiers. About nine pages’ worth, if I’m on my usual form. Firstly, it has to be your tea and your biscuit, or between consenting…

Temperance Tantrum: Get Off My Lawn!

As I have remarked before, there is a tea for every emotion, every occasion.  I have many times mentioned those occasions and/or occasions. I drink Lord Petersham* if Downton Abbey is on the TV. Doke Silver Needle (with corn chips on the side) if I have a migraine. 1910* if bacon and early morning conversation is on the menu. And so on. When we owned our tea shop, we had…

I’m stupid? No, YOU’RE Stupid!

All thoughts of that lovely, historical, whimsical post that I had planned for this week (after delaying it from last week) were swept away as a red mist descended across my eyes. Who are YOU calling Stupid? It started with a news item about the latest weapon in the War. War with a capital ‘W’, of course. But which War? The War on Terror? The War on Drugs? The War…

It’s Happening Now

A year ago today, on our Wedding Anniversary, Lady Devotea and I were having a bit of an adventure. We were in Las Vegas, having flown in the day before. It was the day before World Tea Expo and we had a dazzling array of stuff to look at, sights and sounds to absorb, book launches to be at and afternoon teas to attend. It seems so much more than…

The Big Eight – A Food Service Nightmare

Tea is pretty simple. When you serve tea in a commercial setting, you can be mostly relaxed about causing allergic reactions. Of course, you need to filter the water and boil it properly. Tap water can be dangerous and trigger allergies in some cases, as this medical paper on pesticides suggests. But mostly, tea should be free of the “Big Eight” Allergy causing foodstuffs:  eggs, milk, fish, shellfish, nuts from trees, groundnuts, soy…

Sukret te gate: It’s the ‘Sugar Tea Gate’ Scandal

Most of you reading this can recall a scandal, even if vaguely. In America, there was a president who said “I am not a crook” Another who said “I DID NOT have sex with that woman”. And another who said “mumble mumble recroootament mumble”. All scandalous. All untrue. Admittedly, I’m guessing about the last one. In Britain there were spy scandals all over the place, usually involving politicians, Russian spies…


Well, there’s big news in this neck of the woods, and it’s about Jamie Oliver. He’s big news indeed in The City of Onkaparinga, South Australia. Let me start by saying I love Jamie Oliver. Right back to The Naked Chef, I’ve enjoyed all his programmes. Jamie at Home is a favourite, and it must be said that The Devotea Homemade Hot Chocolate that we serve at some markets owes…

Bridging the Cultural Divide

Tea varies. There’s no doubt that I’m reluctant to drink sweetened green tea with milk. But if I hailed from the region of Karakalpakstan in Uzbekistan, I probably would make it that way. Rancid yak butter, tea, salt and water may make a delicious beverage if one is from Nepal, but I can’t say I’m keen to try it. But closer to home, there are cultural divides within the tea community. There’s…

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