Who is this ‘Lord Devotea’ clown anyway?

Hi, I’m Robert Godden, and I love Tea:

I drink it, I write about it, I am one half of a duo that creates and markets our own blends.

I trawl through secondhand shops for unusual teapots.

My mission is to be relevant and irreverent.

I drink 8-12 cups daily; it’s my form of worship.

I always take tea seriously, but never feel compelled to be serious on every occasion.

Teabag is a swear word. A teabag in a cafe is an insult.

I think you get the picture.

The Devotea is also the name of our range of teas. Check us out.

11 thoughts on “Who is this ‘Lord Devotea’ clown anyway?

  1. Hi Robert!

    Excellent blog – nicely done. We’re starting something sort of unusual at Arbor Teas this summer, and I wanted to tell you about it. We’re calling it the Arbor Teas Summer Reading Series. Here’s some background:

    Our new Summer Reading Series presents an original work of fiction by an emerging author, and uses an old model to do it – serialization. From June 2 to August 4 we will publish one chapter a week of “The Wintree Waltz,” a short novel developed specifically for Arbor Teas by Lauren Doyle Owens. Readers can sign up to receive notifications of chapter releases at http://www.arborteas.com/summerreads/, and connect with other readers online using the hashtag #wintreewaltz.

    The Wintree Waltz introduces readers to the Wintree family just two months before Jean Wintree is to be married to John Birnbauer. But when her younger sister Erin, John’s mother Nancy, and a surprising interloper start to meddle in the couple’s plans, a happy ending is far from certain.

    This type of Austen-esque marriage plot is a bit of a departure for author Lauren Doyle Owens, who had just finished writing a much more serious piece of fiction before she started The Wintree Waltz, and was ready to have a little fun.

    As she explains: “Literature is full of marriage plots, so I was tapping into a tradition of light-hearted, even magical, stories that take place during this universal turning point. I love a little light beach reading, and the serialization model was so much fun to work with. I hope readers have as much fun reading about the Wintrees as I did writing about them!”

    You can view our official press release about the series here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/05/prweb13404392.htm, and I’d be happy to provide an advanced copy of Chapter 1. We would just ask that you please not share the chapter with your readers, as we are eager to keep it under wraps until the official release on June 2.

    We would love your impressions of the endeavor of ours, and any support you’d be willing to lend, particularly in getting our inaugural series in front of folks this summer. Hope you choose to follow along! 🙂

    Thank you so much,

    Jeremy Lopatin
    Arbor Teas
    Mobile: +1 (734) 353-9842

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  3. Robert, just read your 12/27/18 post (yeah, I know, I’m really on top of things) about tea reviewing. Loved it. I write the occasional tea review on my comfort food blog (tea is my main comfort food) and the occasional kitchen equipment review. I’m very selective because I will not lie to my readers and cannot be paid to say good things about bad products. And you and I are in complete agreement about teab*gs.

  4. Hey Robert,
    I am an intern in charge of growth for a company called Mittal Teas who has been in the Tea game for 50 Years mostly in India and want to expand our reach. We think quality is our number one selling point when it comes to tea but during these hard times I have a problem with asking my colleague to send thousands of dollars of tea when i don’t know if there is a market. If you can we would love to send you some tea from our amazon store and we will pay for it. All we would need is maybe a review on amazon and the introduction to your audience because we need help in these hard times. If you want to see our very brief products which are in the USA you can search up Mittal Teas on amazon and the first 4 products should be the ones in our warehouse. If you want to set up the barter you can email me on [email protected]


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