Sharing Tea In The Time of COVID

With a tea event on my horizon, it seems like a good time to pause and consider how the COVID-19 pandemic has, and should, modify our tea habits. Good procedures are good procedures, so we should look to taking every precaution, even if, like me, you are lucky to live in a place where this […]

Not All Cover-Ups Are Bad

To me, America is like a great white shark. It’s sleek, it’s big, it’s an inevitable part of life, it’s at or near the top of the food chain, and, particularly in certain parts of LA, there’s an awful lot of very white teeth. And you could spend a lifetime studying it and not understand […]

From Thailand With Love

Last week, there was a day where I didn’t have a good day. Lady Devotea did not have a good day either. In fact, it was early on in a succession of challenging days. Now I don’t want you to think it was something earth-shattering. Nobody got diagnosed with some sort of terminal ailment, a […]

Iron Willed

The other day I got asked a simple question about tea, requiring a yes/no answer. And it was this: “I’m anaemic, should I switch to herbal tea?” This was on Quora, where I’ve previously had a great deal of enjoyment making fun of stupid questions ( as in this post) . But rather than reach […]

It Was Inevitable, I Suppose

In Star Wars, (the first one made that was really the fourth one, as opposed to the first one, which they made fourth) there’s bit when Darth Vader casually drops in the saucy fact that he is, in fact, Luke Skywalker’s father. It’s one of those moments of suspense that, despite the deep breathing maniac’s […]

Every Day – Part 1

At my “peak”, for want of a better word, I posted over 100 blog posts in one year. But lately that has tapered off a little. I say ‘a little’, but this is my fourth post for 2019. I know it’s been hard for the rest of the world, particularly other tea bloggers. My friend […]

(High) Rising Phoenix

A visit to Pheonix Tea was on the cards again, but this time, not the wonderful Phoenix Tea of Burien, Washington State, USA, but Phoenix Tea of Hong Kong. Google Maps suggested walking in a strange loop out of our way, instead I insisted we cut a path straight to where it should be. And […]

Milk Tea

As someone who doesn’t take milk in my tea normally, I’m nevertheless drawn to the various forms of milk tea as a moth is to flame. So, just to recap the last 300 blog posts, I’ve drunk thousands of cups of tea over the last two decades, and a small proportion of them have made […]

Maybe. Maybe Not.

If you are a regular reader, or a casual reader, or you’ve read .001% of my stuff, you’ll know that I’m a tad anti-teab*g. Well, perhaps more than a tad, given that I have previously advocated setting fire to them, or establishments who serve them. And In fact, I won’t even type the word “teab*g” […]

Dumb and Dumber

Taste is a very individual thing, and it amazes me that people try to regulate it, or define it, or pretend it doesn’t matter. Here’s an example: Vegemite. If you are Australian. you’ll know that Vegemite is one of the finest foodstuffs known to the world. You’ll also know that there are variants on the […]

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