Once More Unto The Beetroot Water

7.07 a.m.

I’m at Woolworths, picking up some items for breakfast. I usually skip through the tea aisle, which is tragically awful, but something catches my eye. It’s this.


Well, yesterday Woolworths sent me a notification I could have one of these free as a reward for my loyalty.

Now, I really do not like Lipton/Unilever, and I hate the idea of the product, but it’s free, so I think, “Why not? Might get a blog post out of it.”

Into the basket it goes.

And even though it’s not tea, it’s an infusion. Might be interesting. It consists of superfine ground rose petals, apple pulp, natural raspberry flavour* and superfine powdered beetroot. The latter I assume for colour.

7.27 a.m.

Eating bacon and eggs. Talk amongst yourselves.

7.41 a.m.

Might as well make this stuff up. I fish out a cold, water-filled Sodastream bottle that is the right capacity and pour in the powder. And shake, and shake.

Et, voilà:

7:42 a.m. 

I sip. It’s not very nice, Maybe it will grow on me. Like a dawning enjoyment, not in the sense of a fungus.

My plan is to drink it all and see if it gets better.

7.44 a.m. 

I’m going in again.

Still the same.

But let me define it. It tastes like not enough ground up fruit, suspended in water.

7.54 a.m.

Still the same.

There’s a vague aftertaste that makes you think it might be good to have another sip. This aftertaste is lying to me.

8.03 a.m. 

Still the same

8.09 a.m.

Still the same, I don’t think I can take much more of this. I am going to attempt to drain the remaining 80% in one hit.


8.14 a.m. 

Don’t rush me.

8.16 a.m.

I’ll get to it. I promise.

8.18 a.m.

Any minute now.

8.21 a.m. 

And down!

Well, not quite. About 50ml left.

8.22 a.m. 

Stuff it. It’s outta here.


The last 50mls has something new. Something exciting. Something that was missing in all the rest of it.

The excitement of knowing I’ll never have to drink that again.

8.24 a.m.

Time for tea.



*Obviously “natural raspberry flavour” is not as natural as raspberries.