All Good Things…

I’m here to say goodbye. I just read that there is now an oyster-vending machine in my home town, and I think that’s a perfect way to introduce my last ever blog post. The oyster, that snot-textured harbinger of vomit-inducing fishiness, that molluscory kryptonite to anyone with sensible taste buds, is the perfect demonstration of […]

Biscuits as Medicine

Kale, eh? The super-darling super-food of the super-earnest, it has a super-reputation for super-godliness like some super-evangelist, think Jimmy Swaggart, just before it turned out had a super-saucy super-predilection for prostitutes, BDSM, cheating on his wife and super-preaching the exact opposite. Remember him? “Please send super-rolls of cash to help God stamp out sin, etc.” […]

The Power of Positive Reviewing

I started as a video reviewer, and have many times reviewed teas on this blog, so messages like this aren’t unusual, I get them all the time: steven zhou: hello Do you like the best green tea in China – longjing green tea from west lake in hangzhou? We need to do product review, please […]

The Lowest Common Dunkinator

Humanity never fails to disappoint me. Just when you think that only good things are happening, like racing cars being launched into space*, you see something that, like a Hall and Oates Christmas Album**,  takes what literally should be sheer joy and metaphorically locks it in a rusty box full of spiders. In the tea […]

Awake At The Wheel

In my first post since Christmas Eve – that’s pretty well a month – I am going to attempt to cover a bunch of things, using my own tea Roulette Format for the third time. If you have not read one of my previous efforts of this kind (shame on you!) it’s where I make […]

So, this is Christmas…

This year, my blogging has slowed down a lot, a casualty of other things and other issues. My next post will tell you about my blogging plans for 2018, and what is changing. But for now, let’s consider Christmas. Christmas is a stressful time of year, mainly because of gift buying. Instead of just giving […]

Making an Inception

If you loved the movie Inception, then you’ll love the fact that I am going to go on a rant about a guy who went on a rant about an article. In it, he bought his own arrogance and prejudice to the fore, and hey, I’m comfortable with doing the same. In fact, I rarely […]

Alternative Facts Sell Tea

There’s been a bit of a hullabaloo in the USA this week: some of you may have noticed that there’s a new President over there and his team are working from a different textbook to most. So far, they’ve embraced principles spelled out by one of the greatest thinkers this planet has produced: George Orwell. […]

The Tea-Stained Glory that was 2016

Pinching an idea from the world’s most popular tea blogger, Nicole Martin at , I am posting a short rundown on which of my 49 blog posts in 2016 were the most widely read. Reading these ten will make you incredibly smart, and very well informed, but sadly, mostly informed about my own defects. […]

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