She and He and Tea

Tea has been caught in the crossfire of a battle that is ostensibly between men and women for hundreds of years now. Why bother, you might ask? You might say “Don’t we have gender equality now? Not only for men and women, but also every variation of gender and sexuality therein. It’s it, like, the […]

Tea with The Black Dragon

After a day in Banff and Canmore, there was an expectation that the next day might be quiet. The plan was a visit to the Downtown area for a look at where our son worked, a spot of lunch and then some river fishing. Visiting downtown when it’s empty and easy to get around in, […]

My Kingdom For A Kettle

As we know, the ability to boil water is an early indicator of the prospects of a civilisation. That moment when the discovery of fire, the saucepan and really tasty soup recipes all occur can often can be said to be the origin point for the most successful of societies. Of course, whilst civilisation requires […]

Any way the wind blows

A frantic two days came to a stunning conclusion last night. We’ve covered a fair bit of London and seen two shows; The Phantom of The Opera and We Will Rock You. and like the teas we have enjoyed over those two days, they have been at opposite ends of any measure you care to […]

Doggerel for Elevenses (and beyond)

Be grateful for your day’s first tea; That English Breakfast cup, Which starts your day with strength and flair, and inspires getting up. Be grateful for that Lover’s Leap beside you in the car; that fills the empty spot that stirs, post-jentacular. Be grateful for that nice Earl Grey, aside that sticky bun; There’s all […]

High Tea Noon

The idea of High Tea is exploding here in Australia. Seriously exploding. You can’t move for High Teas. In our line of work, or more exactly, with our line of teas, Lady Devotea* and I attend many High Teas. NOT for the little cakes and pastries, or the scones, or the antique cups, or the chance to […]

Wish List: NYC

New York City has never been big on my wish list of places to go. I’ve always been sure I’d love it if I got there, but I don’t have the imperative like some people have. It’s a bit like Paris; I’m not that interested in going but if it crops up I might find myself there. […]

Want four opinions? Ask three economists…

Like at least 5,832 other people across the globe, my last cup of tea was a Darjeeling Sourenee SFTGFOP1 First Flush and my first of 2012 is a Nepalese Guaransee First Flush FTGFOP1. How do I know there are at least 5,833 of us? The Mad Scientist we call ‘Economics’, and its misshapen and lisping assistant ‘Statistics’ tell us […]

A Christmas Rant

I was listening to the summer fare on ABC radio. For those of you who don’t live in Australia, ABC radio is our public broadcaster. It offers the most intelligent and intellectual news, discussions on a wide variety of topics such as politics and economics, society, world events and so much more. So it’s generally considered not the sort of radio that anyone […]

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