Steeping With The Enemy

Let me tell you about a guy who is, frankly, a bit of a lunatic.

He’s veeeeeerrrrry fussy about the way he brews his beverages.  Not just because he likes to control water temperature and water/raw material ratios etc, but because he completely refuses to make his drinks the way most people do. The cheap way. The supermarket way. The “easy” way.

Furthermore, he pours absolute scorn and contempt on those who do things the cheap or easy way, whether it’s poor quality ingredients, covering up a bad beverage with lots of milk and sugar. He often lectures poor unfortunates who don’t get it right. And he has nothing but contempt to offer cafés who don’t get it spot-on.

What a pain in the backside, eh?

Now, some people, reading this might think I am talking about myself. But no, you missed the vital clue… I said he was a bit of a lunatic.

Obviously, if all of the above is applied to tea, it’s right and proper and reasonable in a “I’ll burn your café down if you give me a teab*g” kind of way.

But the lunacy comes about because this guy’s beverage of choice is… coffee.

His name is Steve Davis, and I have heard him described as “the Lord Devotea of coffee“and of course such comparisons are very flattering (to him).

But much as I very publicly gave up my bi-beverage ways in 2013 (It’s Not You, It’s Me) it’s time for me to acknowledge that some people… some sad, benighted people… are yet to give up coffee. They don’t realise that every cup of water that they make into coffee had the potential to be a cup of tea.

And so, here at The Devotea HQ, we have hatched a cunning plan to fix that.

After giving up blending and selling our teas commercially two years ago, we have seen quite a bit of disappointment, so we have done a deal with the aforementioned Mr Davis. We have semi-invaded his Baristador Coffee website and turned it into a joint tea and coffee site. Of course, it’s doubtful anyone will buy coffee from him again, but never mind, we’ll have him switched over to tea in due course.

It’s a good news story… two Adelaide-based, hand-crafted beverages getting together for the good of everyone. At least, that’s what we’ve told him. Shhhh.

And so, from right now, you can find our tea by visiting or following the links from

We’ll see you there.

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