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I often get snarky on this blog, it’s fair to say it’s not the only place. For example, real life. I’m quite snarky there. Another fine example is when the site sends me an email letting me know that someone thinks I should answer a particular question. As an example, I got this one this week: “Whats the effects of green tea”. My first thoughts, of course, were uncomplimentary:…

Badge of Honour

Tea Bloggers Roundtable Logo Final

About a month ago, the World Tea Expo was held in Long Beach, California, for the second consecutive year. We were not there. Most readers would assume that the organisers would either (a) fly myself and Lady Devotea to the event, put us up in luxury and shower us with gifts or (b) simply move the whole thing to wherever we are living at the time, but for reasons no…

Energetic Latino Charm And Quiet Reflection

Latino 1001

I used to write a lot about different teas and about different places to enjoy tea, or not enjoy tea. But not so much any more. There are complex reasons. Firstly, since starting this blog, Lady Devotea and I have become vendors. For the last four years, every time I have thought about reviewing a tea, it’s either one of ours or a competitor, and neither of those situations makes…

The Devoteam (Bonus Blog Prequel)

With nearly 300 entries on this blog under my belt, I thought I’d give you a rundown of how this blog is created every Sunday. I’ll introduce you to the team and the process. 5.47 a.m: Today’s team is starting to assemble. A massive pot of tea is being made, today it’s Lord Petersham. The TV is flicked on to make sure that there is nothing topical that might form…

Each New Cup

I post every Sunday, in case you hadn’t noticed. I used to be more prolific, or less prolific. At times when I had more control over my time, I’d post almost daily. Other times, I might skip a month if I was caught up in various projects. So far, there are 280 posts to this blog before this. There are 5 drafts, which are mostly posts I’ve thought better of….


Many of us believe that quality, loose leaf tea is on the rise. In specialist tea shop/cafes and as an essential part of more general food businesses. Sometimes, that belief is shaken. When Lady Devotea and I returned to Adelaide, we stayed for a few weeks in the heart of a city, and were delighted to find nearby a perky little place that did great food, excellent coffee and a…

The Lure of The Giant Teapot


Well, boys and girls, it all started with a giant teapot. That’s how we ended up with a stall, tastings and a talk at Ladies Day at a retirement village. Years ago, we looked the economics of holding tea events in Aged Care homes and retirement villages, and they simply weren’t there. Not enough money, too much effort. and my own prejudices. You see, the main ladies of that age…

War and Peace. With Less Peace.

LP 5

For years, many of us have dedicated ourselves to the war on teab*gs. One of my tea blogger friends posted the other day about another success in this war, but it perversely made me wonder: is it ever winnable? And do we want to win? And what do we want to win? And who are we? Phew, the questions are piling up. Let’s start by defining the war on teab*gs….

Destiny Made Manifest

“If you can’t prove what you want to prove, demonstrate something else and pretend they are the same thing. In the daze that follows the collision of statistics with the human mind, hardly anyone will notice the difference.” – How To Lie With Statistics, D Huff, 1954 This week, there’s going to be a higher than usual amount of people who’ve never read my blog before. For you newbies I’d…

Tea Service

“I know the nicest thing I ever had on the Kokoda Trail was a cup of tea given to me by the Salvation Army. And I hated tea that never had milk or sugar in it; this didn’t have any in it and I loved it, I wanted more. I had half a cup, that’s all they had. I never forgot that one.” -Interview with Syd Heylen, 39th Battalion, June…

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