The Day He Decided I should Die (or at least Retire)

Well, dear fans, I, your Lord Devotea, have some news for you.

So, there’s this guy called Robert Godden. Many of you know him. I know him well. He invented me! Yes, shockingly, I am not real.

His wife actually came up with the idea that I should be called The Devotea, later he promoted me to Lord Devotea. And fair enough.

But here’s the thing – he made me up. Lord Devotea is nothing but a shallow fiction, designed so that an introverted guy could pretend to be a scandalously egotistical extrovert.

And it worked.

Now, I’m sorry if that shocked you. No I’m not, shocking people is a joy I have learned to cultivate.

Is the work of Lord Devotea done? Is the aforementioned Mr Godden now sufficiently possessed of confidence that I am no longer needed?


My next blog will be my last. Lord Devotea will retire, or die.

Six months after that, I will retire this site.

Now I understand this may cause great lamentation and gnashing of teeth. You may feel that your life will be incomplete without Lord Devotea in it. And that’s not unreasonable.

I could point out that there are excellent tea bloggers around, and you will be well served. And you could follow Mr Godden’s facebook if you feel you are missing out on full frontal sarcasm.

But we are where we are, every ride comes to an end, and I already have my foot on the brake.

See you next time… but then never.