The Power of Positive Reviewing

I started as a video reviewer, and have many times reviewed teas on this blog, so messages like this aren’t unusual, I get them all the time: steven zhou: hello Do you like the best green tea in China – longjing green tea from west lake in hangzhou? We need to do product review, please […]

Petersham Bound

A small quantity of our Lord Petersham tea is leaving these shores today, heading for the US of A. To be specific, Petersham, Massachusetts. For the simple reason that the town, or at the least the Trustees of the Petersham Memorial Library, reached out and told us they are holding a special Library tea next […]

You’re Special

We’ve been doing some thinking lately, about our reason for existing. I mean, originally The Devotea was a YouTube tea review channel. Then an online store, then a market store as well, then no markets but events, and then we released two books, and lately we’ve been teaching tea at a local college. And it’s […]

Curse of the Neti

I have been having trouble hearing in one ear lately. There is a metallic buzz in my right ear that makes people in real life and on TV sound like Cybermen from Doctor Who. And if you’re a Doctor Who fan, you’ll know that constantly hearing Cybermen is most definitely a worrisome experience. So, I […]

A Tea Menu I Loved

It’s fair to say that when we are out and about, we do not always love the tea menu. If one is at a specialised tea house, then there’s likely a fair chance. Even if it’s a specialised, specialised tea house, i.e. it’s not just 50 teas from around the world, but all pu’erh, or […]

The Tea Trade Quartet

It’s been three months since I last wrote a tea blog post, which is about three times slacker than my longest previous gap. Over seven years and many words – this will be my 395th blog post on this site (after about 8 on my first location, and there’s about 20 on Beasts of Brewdom, […]

Milking The Tea Clock

Today is Lady Devotea’s birthday, so there is no better time to talk about the tea issue that sometimes divides us: milk. I tend not to take milk and she tends to. Of course, I’m not adverse to a sweet, milky masala chai and we both love some lovely whites and greens that you’d never […]

The Lowest Common Dunkinator

Humanity never fails to disappoint me. Just when you think that only good things are happening, like racing cars being launched into space*, you see something that, like a Hall and Oates Christmas Album**,  takes what literally should be sheer joy and metaphorically locks it in a rusty box full of spiders. In the tea […]

Tea Soul

For those who have been wondering why I have not written for over a month and feel that means a whole part of your life is missing, well, sorry about that. I do have 5 jobs, there’s an election on here and I’m writing scads of political stuff, and it’s Mad March, where every major […]


Preamble: Right, pay attention, I’ve just coined a new word for a certain condition. I haven’t gone for the time honoured naming-it-after-oneself method (as did Hans Asperger) or after the victim (e.g. Lou Gehrig), because often it’s not appropriate. This is not unprecedented: Lyme disease is named after the town where it was first found, […]

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