My Dear Mr Sullivan

AGAIN, A SMALL SAMPLE OF FICTION FROM MY FORTHCOMING BOOK. PLEASE ENJOY AND COMMENT: January 3rd, 1902 Mr Thomas Sullivan, Esq., Tea Merchant New York, New York, United Stated of America My Dear Mr Sullivan I trust you are well. Your instinct, Sir, will be to dispose of the letter as the ravings of a madman. I […]

So, as I was saying…

I have made the decision to move all of my tea blogging – such that there is- to this site. So I probably won’t post again on the old blogger site. So here’s a roundup of the few posts I blogged in about a year – I’m obviously not that prolific. Teaconomics 101 : This […]

Now, there’s a challenge!

As previously posted, I tend to think through blends, not just chuck stuff together and see what happens. So here’s the thing: I accidentally received a large quantity of chamomile. Aaahhh, chamomile. What a mess it is. For starters, even spelling it seems to be beyond many tea shops. It’s mainly drunk for medicinal reasons, […]

Tea is what again?

I keep reading quotes about tea, some clever, some insightful, some poignant, and some that seem to suggest that tea can do almost anything. In fact, according to Lipton’s ads even second rate teabag tea or bottled “iced tea” with virtually no tea in it can actually do some amazing stuff. In my everyday life, […]

A sip down memory lane

If they could see me now… they’d go “huh”? I’ve just bought something that many of my friends, and tea lovers worldwide, would be scratching their heads at. But more on that later. When I worked behind the counter in our tea shop, I would often quote that Singaporean study about tea and memory. Tea […]

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