Doggerel for Elevenses (and beyond)

Be grateful for your day’s first tea;
That English Breakfast cup,
Which starts your day with strength and flair,
and inspires getting up.

Be grateful for that Lover’s Leap
beside you in the car;
that fills the empty spot that stirs,

Be grateful for that nice Earl Grey,
aside that sticky bun;
There’s all that work behind you,
But lunch is not ’til one.

Be grateful for that strong Assam
to complement that steak.
Yesterday’s Coke and salad?
-A lamentable mistake.

Be grateful for that Bi Luo Chun
you’re sharing with a  friend,
to bridge the gap from long-gone lunch
and the work-day’s weary end.

Be grateful for that sweet Sow Mee
Before dinner’s washing up;
Capacity is nearly reached-
So just another cup.

Be grateful for that Darjeeling;
In front of the TV,
Relaxing with a fragrant cup
And a Hob Nob (or three).

Be grateful for that minty green,
That perches by your bed,
As sleep that needs sleeping
Fights with books that should be read.

Be grateful….. zzz …zzz….zzz

15 thoughts on “Doggerel for Elevenses (and beyond)

    1. That’s our Special Earl Grey, styled by @ladydevotea. She did such an amazing job on that shoot that she now has work with the photographer as a photo stylist.

  1. I wanted to stop banging on about what great stuff you produce; posts, teas, etc. but you force me to continue. Amazing poem, showing us a beautiful side of yours that we don’t often see while you’re wielding imaginary flame throwers. Only one thing, and here I agree with @xavier, I am not grateful for any minty greens. Even though you have one in your repertoire. Which I’m sure is excellent. Just ask @peter .

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t post this later in the week to ensure your place in the ladies’ G+ tea salon. We might forget by then.

    It really is quite lovely. So many talents you have.

    1. Oh @Jackie I can’t believe you said that. You know he may just discover the shrine we have all built him in our homes covered in Lycra. He may find out our Thursday conversations are just about worshipping our Lycra Man. LOL 🙂 I’m going to have to wash my mouth with soap after that comment. No worries I make mine own and it’s tea-inspired so I know it’ll be awesome and I’ll be fresh as first flush when I’m done. 🙂

  3. Perhaps that’s an idea @iheartteas? A “first flush Darjeeling” mouthwash to give the user the breath of a budding tea plant in the first spring rain? Did your course cover that too?
    @thedevotea – each one of us has our own version of the lycra man. Rachel for example uses a “GI Joe” dolly covered in her finest stocking.

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