Like A Boss

It may amaze you to know I am flawed, but yes, I am.

One of my problems is I often fail to do something as I am hoping for better. For example, I won’t hydrate with a cup of water or with a drink from Starbucks when I get the chance because I’m optimistic that something that is actually worth drinkng may be just around the corner.

And so, wandering through the historic Gastown district of Vancouver, we found ourselves in a not unusual situation, where I had failed to avail myself of a drink for some time and we had not accidentally come across a decent tea shop.

“Never mind”, I assured Lady Devotea, who wisely had availed herself of a drink half an hour previously, “I know of a place”.

And I did. Up hill we went, through the main spot for homeless people in Vancouver, swishing past alleys where people were shooting up drugs while sun beat remorselessly down.

Well, it was 26C, but my body clock says it’s winter.

Darting into Chinatown, we arrived at a Chinese Tea Shop, named “The Chinese Tea Shop”, only to find it was retail of dry tea only.

Never mind, there’s another one a block further.

Same problem.

So I asked for a suggestion at the tea shop, and was told “Boss Bakery” and some helpful pointing ensued.

We arrived at Boss bakery and it was a tiny bakery that opened up into a large restaurant, composed of booths, menus under glass mainly in Chinese, and wonderful deco-inspired wall art.

We didn’t know what to order and just randomly picked from the menu: Hong Kong Style tea for me and Hong Kong style coffee for Lady D. As we wanted to stay awhile we felt compelled to order food, so I ordered red bean bun and when it arrived, I cut it in half.

Hong Kong Style Tea is very, very, very strong black tea made with evaporated milk. HK coffee has a similar genesis.

Both needed sugar.

It was quite reminiscent of my adventures with Teh Talek in Penang last year.

So what we got was an invigorating hot drink, half a delicious giant bun each and a 45 minute rest. A boost to our blood sugar. Lovely and friendly service, too.

When the bill came, it was for $6.56. Astonishing.

Boss Bakery is possibly the best value we’ve found in Vancouver.

And so we went on our way, much refreshed, and I promised Lady D I would buy a bottle of water to take with us.

Six blocks later, we stopped at a grocery store so I could obtain that water.

But then a bottled iced tea caught my eye…



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