International Tea Day. Sort of.

This week, International Tea Day occurs. It’s December 15th every year.It is sadly possible to drink an excellent cup of tea without any thought of the hardships endured by those who pluck, process and pack it.

It’s not a day devoted to drinking copious quantities of  tea – that’s every day.

It’s  a day dedicated to thinking about tea workers.

So, I was thinking about it yesterday, because here in Australia, Dec 15th is indeed yesterday.

I wasn’t thinking about it as well as I usually think about things, as I am recovering from some surgery and a bit off my game.

No Matter.

I sat down to write about the tea workers – a subject I often return to – and as I have multiple monitors, I began to see some topics trending that mystified me, and when I followed the trail, I found about about the tragedy taking place at Newtown, Connecticut.

Needless to say, the thinking and subsequent writing did not get done.

Today, I can’t really get my act together either.

So, instead, I’ll make a commitment to writing on the theme over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, I’ll break out teas form as many tea-producing nations as I can.

And I’ll just mark International Tea Day by drinking copious quantities of tea.

2 thoughts on “International Tea Day. Sort of.

  1. I felt the same way the next day, just couldn’t really get my head around things. I wanted to talk to you all but there’s this feeling of; well what should I say? So many things seemed trivial. Anyway, the subject of tea workers makes me think of some of your very, very early posts. Before you had this blog. It was a topic we thought about on Leafbox Tea too and I remember exchanging thoughts with you about it at the time. That topic never goes away, does it?!

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