Another Day, Another Tea Tease

The following is another snippet from my forthcoming book” The Heart of Tea”. Don’t forget to add yourself to the mailing list here. This time, it’s some fiction

Tea Fiction: The End Of The World

There really is a button.

You know, THE button. The one that means that our nukes will whistle past their nukes and we’ll all die.

Or wish we had, if we don’t.

I’m under a mountain, so I’ll probably technically be okay for a while.

It’s four minutes since I pressed it. And that was just a few minutes after they pressed theirs.

So, in about half an hour; it’s pretty well all over.

Bye bye Uncle Sam. Bye bye Papa Bear. And bye bye bystanders, innocent or otherwise.

In about ten minutes, I’ve promised myself I’ll think about the future. What being bombed back to the Bronze Age will mean for the human race. Or maybe I mean the Stone Age. I mean, who knows how to make bronze these days? Even if you know how to find malachite and can dig it out and undergo the half dozen steps to make it into copper and then find tin and then alloy them; who does that stuff these days?

I’d like to think that there might be some places left, like New Zealand or Mauritius; somewhere out of the way, but I’ve been assured that the nuclear winter will sort any survivors out.

Anyway, that’s some thinking I’m going to do. In ten minutes.

For now, I’m considering having a quiet cup of tea.

And so my thoughts, naturally, turn to what tea to select.

What tea goes with The End of The World?

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