The Night Before Teamas

‘Twas the night before teamas,
And all through Tea Trade,
Not a blogger was stiring,
Not a rant or tirade.

Nicole is online,
but not blogging of tea,
she’s solving some geek stuff,
of great complexity.

In France there’s Xavier,
A bed he’s tucked in,
With a book by Maynard Keynes,
And a Tie Guan Yin.

And have we no scandal,
being writ on these pages?
No, Jo’s making chai,
And it’s taking her ages.

Katrina’s Tea Pages
Don’t write themselves,
But she’s interviewing Santa,
About his tea-making (and elves).

And Purrfect Courtney,
Is not blogging tonight;
It’s three cats and an Earl Grey,
In the flickering firelight.

Mixing and baking,
Voila! A christmas log,
It’s no wonder Verity
Hasn’t time to blog.

Ralph doesn’t drink tea,
and so is beyond saving.
Rachel could blog of that,
But there’s a cat that needs shaving.

Where’s Ravi Lochan?
He’s wandering estates,
We hope he types his tale soon,
As we don’t like to wait.

Surely there’s action,
From the Beasts of Brewdom?
Who love tea and blogging,
and don’t lightly eschew them.

But Geoff’s in a snowdrift,
He hopes it won’t take too long,
To rush home from his late shift,
And rustle up an oolong

There’s no action from Munich,
Because Ken’s eating cheese
And showing his friends,
His 10 latest teas.

And the Devotea is dreaming,
Of a magical sleigh,
in which to circle the world,
and share tea, Teamas Day.

And if Tea Trade falls silent,
for one day each year,
which all of its bloggers,
spend with their near and dear,

They’ll all raise their teacups,
To salute another year,
And give thanks to Jackie and Peter
That Tea Trade is here.

10 thoughts on “The Night Before Teamas

  1. Hysterical and thanks for including my husband and I. It really made us smile. Now to be fair dear hubby Ralph does drink tea but usually just 2 or 3 types. As for the cats you are 1oo% right. 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! 🙂

  2. Re-voicing every comment already posted, because I’ve nothing to say that hasn’t already been said. Awesome.

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