Now, there’s a challenge!

As previously posted, I tend to think through blends, not just chuck stuff together and see what happens.

So here’s the thing: I accidentally received a large quantity of chamomile.

Aaahhh, chamomile. What a mess it is. For starters, even spelling it seems to be beyond many tea shops.

It’s mainly drunk for medicinal reasons, though according to Wikipedia, every scientific test ever done on the stuff proved it to be ineffective, except for the one in which taking it actually made the condition worse.

On top of that, it tastes appalling. Yes, it does; you know it does. You’d have to be mad.

So, I’m clearly not going to drink it for its taste. And if I ever develop cardiovascular conditions, common cold, child’s diarrhea, eczema, gastrointestinal conditions, hemorrhagic cystitis, hemorrhoids, infantile colic, mucositis from cancer treatment, cancer, open penile sores, skin inflammation, insomnia, vaginitis, a significant wound or a post-operative sore throat or hoarseness due to intubation (never mind that many of these are unlikely or even anatomically impossible) then I know, thanks to Wikipedia, that it won’t work anyway.

So, my plan is to sell it to the gullible or the taste challenged, or perhaps both.

As a blender, I can hardly just bag it and sell it. I need to add something.

I must admit to enjoying a Spiced Apple Chamomile once. That’s because it tasted like spiced apple.

So, I’m going to release a limited edition, once only, hand blended chamomile blended with… I don’t know.

I’m considering nutmeg and cardamom, but I’d welcome any and all suggestions.

If you suggest something I actually use – well, I might just send you a bag. Not that you, Dear reader, are gullible or taste-challenged.

You can always re-gift it.

4 thoughts on “Now, there’s a challenge!

  1. I couldn’t help but laugh about this – I tried a cup of chamomile recently and actually liked it – what does that say about me as a person?!

  2. @peter It says that clearly you’ve been working too hard, and you need a well deserved break, ha ha.

    But seriously @thedevotea that’s some amusing blog post you wrote. I really do not like chamomile tea at all. It’s really quite vile. To my mind, you’re more likely to develop those kind of sores if you drink it. But hey don’t listen to me.
    As to what you could combine it with? Let me think. Aside from the obvious; chamomile and bleach (to use as a floor cleaner) I would say:
    Chamomile & honey.
    Chamomile & rose petals.
    Chamomile & a touch of black tea.

    Happy drinking,

  3. Chamomile?
    Like all herbal teas, I have a strong dislike for them.
    I am not kidding, quite soon after drinking one, I began to have a headache…

    Strange, isn’t it?

    @thedevotea why not try cinnamon, apple and raisins?

  4. Chamomile and something to go with it?

    How about something else difficult to spell?

    Chamomile and Rutabaga?

    Or double the intensity of the calming influence by mixing it with Xanax? Dare I suggest Chamomile and Chlamydia? I just did, didn’t I?

    I’d never seen such a thorough list of so many things Chamomile will cure/solve. Too late for me to get child’s diarrhea or vaginitis, but the rest of them are possible. If you feel you must drink something that’ll cure your ails or prevent something new, why not Greek Mountain Tea?

    Nice post.

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