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Conflicted: BAGS for 170 points

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A few days ago I was contacted by Brooks Peck. No, that’s not a tea company, it’s a guy. A guy who is a museum curator and who has co-written a Zombie film and a Yeti film for the Syfy channels. (That’s is gold in term of ‘street cred’ amongst most of my readers. I can hear your pulses quickening already) So this guy sends me a message. And I’m…


I’m not really one for bad tea puns, but the title of this blog wrote itself. I originally had a blog, where I ranted. And then I had a tea blog. And after about a dozen posts, I moved my blog to Tea Trade. I used to make videos regularly, and Jackie Davenport of Trade came across them, and when she invited me to move my blog to the new Tea…

Carry On, or rather, Continuez, avec du thé

    . You’ll notice the blank area above this first line. That’s a moment’s silence for the victims of the terrible attacks in Paris in the last 24 hours. It’s three hours later than I normally write my blog, and it’s a struggle to write my usual semi-pointless, mildly aggressive half rant. Seems a bit trite in the face of such appalling loss of life. Of course, it’s a…

The Tea-minator

The guy had sunglasses on. A singlet. Shorts. A large takeaway beverage cup in his hand. He looked vaguely dangerous. Lady D was rearranging the stock, so it was down to me to offer him some tea samples. I didn’t. I waited for him to pass our stall. He didn’t. The takeaway cup turned out to be full of Tea Drop’s Malabar Chai, made black. And he turned out to…


Lady Devotea  and I spent Saturday evening attending a wedding in Melbourne, an Australian city that is quite acceptable* despite us not living there. The wedding was of a childhood friend of mine, Stefan and his partner Julia. Stefan and I played together is several incarnations of a rock band from the time we were about 14 until we both left our industrial hometown for the bright lights of our…

Let’s Take Tea In The Parlour


The best place to take tea is often in your own parlour, with friends. Despite this, few modern homes have a parlour. And you have to ask why. Or not merely ask, but demand to know. There are rooms for cooking in, rooms for eating in, rooms for sleeping in, rooms for watching TV in. Are any of these things more important than drinking tea? It’s doubtful. Having a parlour…

Why Saying “I Don’t Like Tea” Makes You Seem A Bit Stupid


As I write this, I am seated at my desk and Jango.com is providing “We Are The Champions” for my listening pleasure- and indeed, what a pleasure it is. As Lady Devotea, both Devotea Juniors, and others who know my musical taste well – or at least as well as jango.com does – can attest,  I really like music from the 1970s. “A-ha* you might say. “I don’t think that can be right.”…

Is There Tea On Mars?

Once again, I have to answer the questions that the mainstream media deliberately ignores. This week, NASA (the USA’s National Aeronautical and Space Administration) confirmed its belief that there is flowing water on Mars. And yet, despite this being one of only two vital ingredients in making a cuppa, they failed to follow through. Thanks to the difference between the water ratio in a meteorite from Mars from 4.3 billion…

It’s a Snailvasion!

I’m not one for band wagons. so when I started seeing posts and pictures about ‘tea pets’, I just ignored what is, on the face of it, a silly idea. They are basically little ornamental creatures that lay about your teaware, offering what appears to be very little to the experience. Or so I thought…until… someone in my facebook feed posted a picture of the tea they were having, and…

“High Coffee”? Highly Stupid!

No High Coffee

Something has got up my nose. Not exactly a new thing, really: Over the years, I’ve endlessly ranted about various things, and this is just the latest. Not the least, not the greatest, just one more way the world has failed to meet my expectations. I’m talking about “High Coffee”. Yes, in case you hadn’t noticed, some ignorant numpties have started promoting “High Coffee”, a concept that needs to be…

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