One Lump Or Two?

Life is frantic, and that’s my excuse for no blogging for more than a week.

Lady Devotea is working 18-20 hours per day in her new job. I am using that same time to work on extensive renovations, shop for every single thing you need in a new country and research and writing the new book.

When I crawl out of bed after a few hours’ sleep, rather than a leisurely two hours of blogging, I’m dismantling a kitchen. At least we now have one habitable room plus a working bathroom.

So, I was sitting around talking* to the staff who now work with Lady D, and one story tickled my fancy so much, I knew I had to blog about it.

One staff member was talking about a business she used to work in where the male owner and the female manager enjoyed a lot of “personal time”. Long impromptu meetings – champagne included – with muffled sounds coming from the behind the office door – a door they really should have locked on one apparently memorable occasion.

So, talking to the staff member who actually walked in on them in the act of sharing their great and abiding passion – a passion his wife may well have had some thoughts on – came this gem:

“Well, it wasn’t the first time I caught them at it, I came in early one day and found them <insert your favourite euphemism for going at it like the clappers here> on the front counter, next to two cups of tea”.

I’ll repeat that last but… “NEXT TO TWO CUPS OF TEA”.

My immediate thought was “Well, there’s a blog right there”. Followed by “never go buy a sandwhich where that front counter is”.

I just thrilled to the possibilities.

Were they planning a three minute act in order to time the brew to perfection? Perhaps they both drank it black and were waiting for it to cool when they were seized with an unstoppable passion?

Or maybe, just maybe, it was the tea itself that drove them to contravene the rules of polite society and enact a scene of infidelity, carnality and food hygiene offenses.

I’d like to think so. And I’ll leave it there, because your imagination is where this story is truly fleshed** out.



*Researching, not talking. Researching, definitely. 

** Yes, I said “fleshed”.

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2 thoughts on “One Lump Or Two?

  1. One cup of tea is enticing enough but two cups of tea is just too much of an aphrodisiac to resist. Best to only drink tea with your (own) spouse.
    As for your new life, I would love a post on how it’s all going. Of course I realize that it’s hard to do that while taking kitchens apart. Best of luck to you both!

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