We Trust You

As a strictly loose leaf tea vendor, we are offering our customers something that teab*g vendors never can: trust. Taking aside all of the other reasons to not buy teab*gs – poor work practices on mega-plantations, lack of quality, a desire to not have staples, glue, paper or plastic in your tea – the very […]

Tea, Unexpectedly Naked.

If you read yesterday’s blog  (and if not, why not. What’s wrong with you?) you’ll know we left the Oolong Tea Shop very impressed. In fact, I left it believing it to be probably Calgary’s finest tea shop, and so, having business nearby, Lady Devotea and I decided to walk a few blocks and revisit […]

Eight Minutes To Normalise

Eight Minutes. I just set the timer beside me for eight minutes. In eight minutes, the cake I have carefully made to Lady Devotea’s exacting recipe will be ready to come out of the oven. It’s strawberry and white chocolate. There is no flavouring except actual strawberries and actual white chocolate. But I digress. I […]

It’s Happening Now

A year ago today, on our Wedding Anniversary, Lady Devotea and I were having a bit of an adventure. We were in Las Vegas, having flown in the day before. It was the day before World Tea Expo and we had a dazzling array of stuff to look at, sights and sounds to absorb, book […]

I’ve Bean Meaning to Mention…

Those of you who pay attention and follow my every word – that’s all of you, right? – will know that I have had an uneasy relationship with coffee. I outed myself as bi-beverage when I wrote Swinging Both Ways. I mentioned that it was acceptable, in some circumstances to order coffee, not tea, after […]

The Big Eight – A Food Service Nightmare

Tea is pretty simple. When you serve tea in a commercial setting, you can be mostly relaxed about causing allergic reactions. Of course, you need to filter the water and boil it properly. Tap water can be dangerous and trigger allergies in some cases, as this medical paper on pesticides suggests. But mostly, tea should […]

To Market, To Market

I live a complex life, like most people these days. Here’s how Roger Waters explained this: You wake up in the morning, get something for the pot Wonder why the sun makes the rocks feel hot Draw on the walls, eat, get laid Back in the good old days Then some damn fool invents the […]

My 12 Best Blog Post Titles What I Wrote*

The Devotea’s List Week. List 4.** I love a great title. I find inspiration in titles. Many of my favourite authors go for brilliant, somewhat far-out titles such as Philip K. Dick (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”, “We Can Remember it for You Wholesale”, “Flow my Tears, The Policeman Said” ). Or the clever […]

Don’t Wait To Be Told

There was a classic series of TV ads in the 1970s in Australia, complete with jingle. It consisted of various scenarious where someone is enjoying themselves, only to be told that they suffer from offensive body odour. The solution? Palmolive Gold, a soap with built-in deodorant. The basic premise was that if you suffer from […]

No Shame, but Plenty of Blame

I know from the evidence of my own 1.8 eyes (one’s not very good) that people often order coffee at the end of a meal. Most people do not eat out every day. Sure, some people might buy the same plastic burger everyday for lunch or start each day with an oil-soaked hash brown served at somewhere between the boiling point of titanium and the temperature of a […]

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