Quote Me. I Dare You

I’ve noticed that 5 separate tea companies are now quoting me,with just one particular quote. It’s not one of my more controversial ones. Marie Villiers Self Portrait with quote

So, I’m throwing down the gauntlet. Here’s some new one to share if you dare.


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  1. Profile photo of Xavier Xavier says:

    I am not sure it will be as appealing to the tea companies as the one the 5 of them quoted.

  2. Profile photo of Peter Peter says:

    haha – That’s the most memorable tea quote I’ve seen in a while. I hope it catches on. I bet no one is brave enough to quote you!

  3. I would totally use that quote, if I was a whole leaf vendor.

  4. Profile photo of Jackie Jackie says:

    I can only hope that “ritual disembowelment during a figure skating routine” doesn’t catch on as much as teabags did.

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