Warning: This post contains virtually no tea. May contain traces of self-analysis, narcissism and Dr Phil moments.

I am about to paraphrase what someone said to me.

Now, I know that you expect hard-hitting, no-holds-barred, 100% accurate reportage from me, as I am known as a fearless warrior for the truth about tea.

But I am forced to paraphrase.

You see, I said something in a tea geek hangout, and then someone replied, and then someone agreed with me, and then the person who had replied replied again, and then I started making my point with increased boldness, and a lovely dash of condescension, a hint of arrogance and a soupçon of sarcasm – because that’s how I created myself to be; a naughty boy of tea who embraces iconoclasm in a way that only someone who has swallowed both a dictionary and an astonishing amount of tea can achieve.

Then I finished my last blog “Eleven Golden Permissions” and inspired by the hangout, I added some material that continued in the same vein.

If you think I’m getting to my point anytime soon, you may need to relax.

Then I did a bit of banter on Twitter AND on Google+, as I am an equal opportunity iconoclast.

Next thing I know, the double-replier (mentioned way back in paragraph four) posted something on Google+ which suggested he had been a little hurt by some of the opinions expressed.

Not necessarily the one I alone expressed, but since he had gone to the trouble of reading “Eleven Golden Permissions” and nay-saying some points, he clearly felt I was across the net from him on this issue.

I hated the thought of upsetting this particular individual, and so engaged in a conversation which eventually led to puns in Chinese and offers of small mountain goats, which just goes to show something, though I’m not sure what.

I was also concerned – am I a witty thought-provoking imp, or am I a buffoon? Is both an option? Kings had jesters who hid pearls of wisdom within japery, didn’t they?

Anyway, the time for the following week’s hangout came about and I participated and then eventually it just came down to me chatting to the two guys I had (good-naturedly) teased, ridiculed and condescended to – on my way to making what I thought were some pretty good points, of course.

POINT IMMINENT – If you realise how long it has taken me to get to this point, imagine if I had included 12 tweets, 23 G+ comments, two blogs and the transcript of two 2-hour hangouts. Hence my need to paraphrase.

At the end of all this, this guy (the twice-aforementioned double-replier originally mention in paragraph four) basically said, though not in these exact words – or not in any of them:

“But you’re not a tea expert – you’re a storyteller. And that’s OK.”

I opened my mouth, but my brain engaged first.

And just like that, the opportunity for a fantastic, sarcastic, iconoclastic, bombastic riposte slipped away, as I thought:

There’s a chance you’re right…

And that’s OK.

Is it OK?