New York City has never been big on my wish list of places to go. I’ve always been sure I’d love it if I got there, but I don’t have the imperative like some people have. It’s a bit like Paris; I’m not that interested in going but if it crops up I might find myself there.

However, I wish I was going to be there this Friday, even though I actually can’t physically do that.

At a place called Harlem Flo, Jo (@AgiftofTea) will be guest speaking at a Cooking with Tea extravaganza.

I’d love to be there to support Jo. Though it’s sold out, so it looks like she has all the support she needs.

Actually, that’s a little disingenuous – I’d like to be there to support Jo AND to run amok.

Firstly I’d make sure that Erik Kennedy (@thetearooms) gets there, because it’s more fun being disruptive if there are others there who might join in. For that matter @AmazonV is reasonably nearby. New York –  look out!

Sadly, it’s not be  – this time.

But the great news we can take from all this – apart from cheering Jo on as she fights the good fight – is that these events ARE happening. Awareness is growing, and tea seems to be taking the US by storm.

So not just NYC, but that whole country is definitely creeping up my ‘to-do’ list.

In many ways, the US is the most encouraging market of all. @Peter of Tea Trade remarked the other day about it being easier to get a coffee drinker onto loose-leaf tea than a -hurrghh- tea-bag drinker, and as I continue to ponder, prod and puzzle over that nugget, I keep seeing the US as the idea study subject to prove that.

I’ll continue to ponder. Oh, and good luck, Jo.