Day: January 1, 2012

Want four opinions? Ask three economists…

Like at least 5,832 other people across the globe, my last cup of tea was a Darjeeling Sourenee SFTGFOP1 First Flush and my first of 2012 is a Nepalese Guaransee First Flush FTGFOP1. How do I know there are at least 5,833 of us? The Mad Scientist we call ‘Economics’, and its misshapen and lisping assistant ‘Statistics’ tell us it is so. And Economists like my friend @teaconomics would have us believe it makes sense. I’ve seen surveys…

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Missing a Picture?

Due to an attack on the host of this blog a while ago, many pictures have been lost. If you come across a missing picture, use your imagination. I have faith in you to recreate it perfectly in your mind.

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