Lazy Sunday Afternoons

Having a delightful afternoon tea with friends is of course, the ultimate way of enjoying a Sunday. Of course, some people might say “But Lord Devotea, my idea of enjoying a Sunday is on a motorbike driving like an idiot on dirt roads / attending some sports / visiting a leper colony / being chained […]

Brexit. Tea. Envy. Loss. Coffee. Really.

My preferred title for this blog post was just too long, so let’s just enjoy it here: Brexit, Elections, The Politics of Loss and the Implications in the Marketing War between Tea and Coffee. DISCLAIMER: many of you are used to my habit of (a) adding a little tea to make a long-winded rant about something […]

Drink Tea Like a Boss

The image at the top of this post is a swimming pool we spent some time in and around yesterday, and during the day, a theme for today’s post coalesced in my mind. Too bad, it will have to wait, because life had other plans. A day of relaxing and local wandering involved a lot […]

A Melodrama About Tea in Five Acts

ACT 1: IN WHICH ONE RESPONDS TO SOGGY DESPERATION In one long dark teatime of the soul*, I stared into the abyss, pondered the hell hole that was my surroundings, and wondered at the inhumanity of it all. Yes, I was in Melbourne Airport. In late February, 2008 I blogged about a trip interstate. At […]

Captain and Capability

Today, I break my self imposed rule against not reviewing teas that are available in markets where they compete with our own, using Douglas Adam’s escape clause in the Hitchhiker’s Guide series, where writers for the Guide may not, under any circumstances, offer a review that is against editorial policy “unless they really, really want […]

Met My Matcha

A weekend in Sydney is often fun, particularly if you mix business with pleasure. And in the tea business, business IS pleasure. We flew to Sydney last week to catch up with our friend Julia. At World Tea Expo 2013, we met Julia, and it’s fair to say that Lady Devotea and Julia hit it […]

Sorry To Read Your News

Dear Fresh Cup I’m sorry to read your news. Now, I don’t know you. I understand that you are a long standing magazine about tea and coffee. Or rather, based on the ten most recent articles when I perused your website, a magazine about coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, milk, coffee, coffee, coffee, tea and coffee. […]


This is my 320th blog post here on my main tea blog, and of those, 14 contain the word “cricket.” Given that I have no interest in Pinocchio’s friend Jiminy and his brethren in the Gryllidae family of insects, it’s a fair bet I was talking about the world’s best sport. In fact, on one occasion I […]

One Is Highly Unamused

It’s not everyday you turn 90. For most people, it only happens once. It will happen twice this year for Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, or to provide her official titles, Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of Her other Realms […]

A Tea Myth is As Good As A Mile

I like to answer questions on Quora and other fora. Apart from the fact that some questions are bizarre , such as Was Jesus a Psychedelic Mushroom? or “What Kind of desserts Do Hell’s Angels Eat? , there are plenty of just plain dumb questions about tea. And as someone with a profile concerning tea, I get asked […]

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