Is There Tea On Mars?

Once again, I have to answer the questions that the mainstream media deliberately ignores. This week, NASA (the USA’s National Aeronautical and Space Administration) confirmed its belief that there is flowing water on Mars. And yet, despite this being one of only two vital ingredients in making a cuppa, they failed to follow through. Thanks to the difference between the water ratio in a meteorite from Mars from 4.3 billion…

It’s a Snailvasion!

I’m not one for band wagons. so when I started seeing posts and pictures about ‘tea pets’, I just ignored what is, on the face of it, a silly idea. They are basically little ornamental creatures that lay about your teaware, offering what appears to be very little to the experience. Or so I thought…until… someone in my facebook feed posted a picture of the tea they were having, and…

“High Coffee”? Highly Stupid!

No High Coffee

Something has got up my nose. Not exactly a new thing, really: Over the years, I’ve endlessly ranted about various things, and this is just the latest. Not the least, not the greatest, just one more way the world has failed to meet my expectations. I’m talking about “High Coffee”. Yes, in case you hadn’t noticed, some ignorant numpties have started promoting “High Coffee”, a concept that needs to be…

A Bear In a Chinese Tea Shop


The Chinese economy has been in the news of late. It’s been a bit unimpressive. ‘Unimpressive’ in recent Chinese terms, that is. Sectors like manufacturing are dropping from four or five times as busy as most of the developed world down to two or three times. And the Shanghai stock exchange is not so much a stock exchange as a casino, so that just adds to the fun. Of course,…

On The Fly

Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling so well. Upon my arising, I boiled the kettle and reached for the Doke Silver Needle (see previous article on teas to drink when you are unwell). After I added on teaspoon to my small teapot, I noticed the tea was not a white tea. In fact it was Doke Black Fusion. Decision time. It’s these split second decisions that make or break your day. Tip…

The Experts: What Tea to Drink to Feel Better

Doke Silver Needle

There aren’t enough posts on this subject. “But hang on…” I hear you say. “That’s nuts. You can barely move on the internet for articles about tea doing this or that for your health. There are experts lining up to spout about this.” “And while you’re hanging on…” I hear you continue (in your slightly idiosyncratic way that suggests ‘you’ might be me). “Lord Devotea, you are usually quite dismissive…

Pu’er: The Final Frontier

Pu’er is a tea sub-type that I don’t often write about. And when I do, it’s usually with a sense of confusion, as in this post of a few years ago. I was approached by Nicholas Lozito, of Misty Peak Teas, which is a pu’er boutique supplier, with a proposal to offer some education to my readers via a guest blog or interview. I have only heard of Misty Peak…

The 9-Sentence Guide To Hosting an Afternoon Tea

LP 5

When deciding on your guest list, the only two criteria are people you like, and people who will like each other, which often reduces the number of family members getting an invitation. Unless you are holding out because you will receive a knighthood or Nobel prize, NOW is the occasion to use the best china, either your own or borrowed. Your day will be perfect because you have a  checklist…

The Jesus Mouse

FR 4

My long-time online friend Finbarr O’Brien, most notable to most of our readers as the namesake of our Finbarr’s Revenge Irish Breakfast Tea, sent me a link to a story from an Irish Journal. It concerns a spat that has gone viral in that fair country over poor quality tea. The vendor in this case in Marks and Spencer, the UK grocery chain. When we spent a month in London in 2012,…

2B and not 2B

I sat down to write a lovely piece about customer service, and the TV was on. I looked up at a story that has been on rotation on the 24-hour news service, because I thought I heard them say something that sounded a bit silly. It was a piece about electromagnetic radiation, and the people who claim they suffer from a sensitivity to it. So, there’s not a lot of…

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