You’re Special

We’ve been doing some thinking lately, about our reason for existing.

I mean, originally The Devotea was a YouTube tea review channel. Then an online store, then a market store as well, then no markets but events, and then we released two books, and lately we’ve been teaching tea at a local college.

And it’s fair to say that we’ve done all these things in our own way.

So, we’ve started a discussion about why we exist. What do we hope to achieve? And that has inevitably led us to ask the big one: “What do we believe?”

And we’re not sure we’ve found the perfect expression yet, but goes something like this:

“We believe that every drink of tea has the potential to be a special occasion”

And we want to prove it.

So, we are making a small video, and we want your help.

We want YOU to be in it. Well, maybe.

We are calling for short videos of people drinking tea and explaining in one sentence why that cup is special. And we’ll take the best ones and make our video. We’ll also be happy to take photos.

Are there any rules? Yes! No tea bags. No profanity.

You won’t get paid, but if you are ever in the same city as us, we’ll buy you a cup of tea.

Email your short clips or photos to [email protected] with the subject “Special Cup of Tea”.

We have no idea what we’ll end up with, how long it will take, how long it will be. Like a good cup, it will take as long as it takes.

And we know it will be special.



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