Reviewing: I Guess I Have To.

A few posts ago, I had a good old-fashioned whinge about tea companies and their ilk either (a) offering me review samples or (b) offering me samples as a vendor (as I cover both camps) and then withdrawing the offer when they found out something that it’s pretty obvious: I live in Australia and it isn’t part of the USA.

Well, since then, it has happened again. It’s also not happened.

  • In the week that followed, I was contacted by a Taiwanese tea company in Taiwan, who realised I was in Australia, and sent me some samples. No probs.
  • I was contacted by a publisher’s PR person in the USA who offered me a review copy of a book. after I pointed out that I was in AU, she shipped it anyway. Yay!
  • I was contacted by a guy who sells Nepalese teas in the USA. After finding out that I am in AU, he organised for the Nepal operation to ship me some samples direct. Great solution.
  • And I also bought a book on tea. And hated it. So that will need a review.

So, this gives me quite a bit of reviewing to do and you would probably have imagined I’d get it done by now.

But I live life in the fast lane, and of course, I got distracted. I changed the look of the blog. (Do you like it? You could always review it.) I’ve been working on some other tea projects, on some marketing for The Devotea, we did four events in two weeks and I broke a fingernail*.

FAR too busy. I guess I’d better get on with it.

*not my own


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