The Tea-minator

The guy had sunglasses on. A singlet. Shorts. A large takeaway beverage cup in his hand.

He looked vaguely dangerous.

Lady D was rearranging the stock, so it was down to me to offer him some tea samples.

I didn’t.

I waited for him to pass our stall.

He didn’t.

The takeaway cup turned out to be full of Tea Drop’s Malabar Chai, made black.

And he turned out to be a new tea convert. We chatted to him and he tried all of our samples.

“I used to come home and drink a bottle of wine in front of the TV”, he told us. “Now, I sit on the grass out in the yard, and drink tea.”

“My life is much better.”

3 thoughts on “The Tea-minator

  1. Turn on the music and you will be able to hear “Ta-ta ta ta” (or is it just me singing the Terminator Theme).
    I can picture him coming to your door and asking “Lord The Devotea?” before asking you for a cup of tea.

  2. Ah now the converted tea-minator wants to go back in time and save the future of tea by preventing the teabag from being invented…

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