On The Fly

Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling so well.

Upon my arising, I boiled the kettle and reached for the Doke Silver Needle (see previous article on teas to drink when you are unwell).

After I added on teaspoon to my small teapot, I noticed the tea was not a white tea. In fact it was Doke Black Fusion.

Decision time. It’s these split second decisions that make or break your day.

Tip it out and start again, or add a second spoonful and drink a different tea to the one I wanted?

I chose neither. Instead, I opted for what I call “Doing A Geoffrey” in reference to the quite famous short film linked below. It shows my good friend Geoff Norman in full flight.

I put down the Black Fusion, and added a healthy teaspoon of the Silver Needle.

A 50/50 mix of white and black tea is not standard operating procedure. The way my head was feeling was also not standard operating procedure.

At this point, let me say this is not how we create new blends. I’ve previously described that, but none of the three methods we use involve unweighed random teas checked in a pot.

And yet, it was really good.

I guess there’s a reason why we have the word ‘serendipity’.

It also helped me recover and get on with all the things I’d planned. Weekends aren’t long enough these days, so I have no time for feeling unwell.

All of this just adds to my future workload. Now, I have to reblend this and taste it a few more times to confirm how good it is, Also, I have to have it on hand for the next time I don’t feel well.

Life! There’s just so much to pack into it. And so many teas. I’m already planning something special for next weekend.

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  1. The best things are discovered by “accident”. And probably the worst things too. And probably also not by “accident”.

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