The 9-Sentence Guide To Hosting an Afternoon Tea

When deciding on your guest list, the only two criteria are people you like, and people who will like each other, which often reduces the number of family members getting an invitation.

Unless you are holding out because you will receive a knighthood or Nobel prize, NOW is the occasion to use the best china, either your own or borrowed.

Your day will be perfect because you have a  checklist of everything that needs to be done, in order, and you use it.

No one gets to be a helper unless they are committed to quality as you need to be.

A selection of 2-6 good quality loose leaf teas in pots is the only acceptable hot beverage offering.

Ribbon sandwiches with lush filling and without crusts are an essential item.

Little cakes should have big flavours.

Scones– sweet and savoury – should be generous bite-sized and made British-style.

If there is entertainment, it needs to be classy and sparing in either intrusion or time.


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