Preview: A Week of Lists

Inspired by my friend @lazyliteratus and his spectacular”White Tea Week” and also by seeing so many blog posts that start with a number and contain a list, I’ve decided to offer my “List Week”.

Every day for a week: That’s seven posts not including this one. Some of them are stuffed full of original content, some just reference other stuff, and most do both!

It will be spread over the Beast of Brewdom, The Devotea News Blog and Lord Devotea’s Tea Spouts blogs.

I’ll be blogging about tea lovers -who we are and why we are better than anyone else -, recalling outrageous past blogs, connecting to some of my favourite bloggers under a bizarre pretext, celebrating my own cleverness when it comes to blog title posts, and considering all the times in your day when tea might make an appearance. And a few things besides. It should be fun!

Each time I post a blog, I’ll update this post with a link!

I plan to start Thursday of this week – Australian Time – and I hope to have a great deal of fun. Please join me.

2 thoughts on “Preview: A Week of Lists

  1. I am joining you, but I got it backwards. I started with your newest post and am reading my way down the list. Only now I realize why they all have numbers in them! Anyway, having a great time reading so far.

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