Enter and Exit: World Tea Expo

Panel over. Walking Back.

Breakfast. The coffee is bad, but Michael Coffey turns up with his lovely partner. Have a good flight!

Let’s go. Walking back again.

It’s hot. It’s hot. It’s very hot. It’s… cool.

Peach water. Peachy. Nice. New Zealand Water, why? Drink made from oats. Why? Whoops- this is the Healthy Beverage Expo. Run.

Ahhh, AliShan oolong. Right place. Hello Julia. Darjeeling. Where’s the taste? Chai Where’s the taste? Passionfruit oolong chai iced. Where’s the taste? Adventure Tea. Lovely packaging. Is there a packaging competition? They win. Lovely lovely people. What’s this- the artist has sketched us both. What a precious gift. Can only offer our book in return. We like their teas, but nothing sensational.  But sensationally enjoyable to spend time with. Hello Dharlene. Chambre de Sucre.  OMG. Classy, classy sugary art. This is a sugar cat that curls around our teacups. We want. We buy. These are sugar flowers. We want. We buy. Move along. Hello Marcella. Taste more tea. No Matcha thank you. Nice Ceylon but needs more time. Hi Chris. Wow. Wooden tea strainer holder things . We want. We buy. Gumleaf shaped. Herbal infusions. Nice. Please take. And take more. We do. Hello Sir, might I have a try of your Darjeeling. WHAT IS THIS TAG HANGING FROM THE CUP, YOU CHARLATAN? Hello Tiffany: “See you in New York” . Have I dropped that sketch? Yes I have. Found it. Panic over. Lady Devotea is talking to Stirling. Time to  move on. Oh the colours! Lovely presentation. Safflower winkled from dark black tea. Chocolate tea collection? It has chocolate in it. We approve. Hello Jo. Hello Verna. Yes we are. “See you in New York” . Hello Nicole. Hello Geoff. HELLO GEOFF. Unglaze your eyes. Say hello to your mom for us. Teas Etc again? Any more of that Strawberry covered chocolate pu-er? No? We’ll put up with the mint chocolate then. Oh, is this one of our suppliers to Australia from China? Hello. hello. Why is that man cutting tea with a band saw? Icy tea Pops. Lovely. Nice tea again after a few insipid ones. Independent tea. With cranberry. With other stuff. With safflower like fire. Boobalicious breast cancer charity tea. Sweet. No matcha thank you. Hello Naomi. Hello Audrea. Yes, too much matcha. Yes, it’s horrible. Let me tell you about genmaicha. Oh look, a funny honeycomb style counter. Pretty Pretty teas. All so lovely. More safflower. More everything. Hello Darlene. “See you in New York”. Oh we love those tea cosies. Pleased to meet you. A gift? How lovely. A real cottage industry providing employment in your area. And beautiful. Strawberry flavoured hot water?. Yes please, to reset the tea tastebuds. Nice. Beatrix Potter teaware. Fairy Tale teaware.  Hello Julia again. Artworks from tea? Why is that guy just reading his book. Don’t think we’ll stop there. Lovely Ceylon teas. Well, the teas are good, but the tins are exceptional. Teafolks. Lovely, crazy blends. Yet more safflower. Hello Nicole again. Hello Kevin. We have your book,. Now you have ours. Whole tea shop for sale as a job lot. Wow.

Tea is hot right now.

A breeze has sprung up as we walk away. What was that? A match between the purists and the pretty-ists. The purists lost.

The joy of meeting and greeting friends old and new, bags stuffed full of tea goods bought, gifted and swapped.

Tea people are good people.

12 thoughts on “Enter and Exit: World Tea Expo

  1. Hello to you as well Robert!

    It was so great to finally meet you and so many other bloggers at this year’s expo. I’m glad you liked the Tea Tangent wares. I ordered a couple spoons for myself.

  2. Thank you so much for the book. It was informative and so entertaining. Glad you liked the tea wallet, though I am certain I got the better of the exchange: your delightful book performed magic – making the 5 hour return plane trip disappear!

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