A Great Day to Chai (Devotea Origins Part VII)

  Series Note: At long last, the final installment in my self-indulgent series that covers all our blends and what inspired them. If you’ve got this far, your torment is almost over. This is Part VII.

Who doesn’t love a good chai. Well, a few people , but we can dismiss them out of hand.

In our own amiable way, we are committed to eradicating every last refuge of the powders, syrups and other abominations that are sold as “chai”.

To me, chai is short for ‘masala chai’ and it literally is real tea with spices.

End of discussion.

Aussie Ginger Chai
Kali 2
Kali Chai

We have two, or three, or four masala chais depending on whom you ask.

I’ll start by linking out a previously published explanation of Kali Chai as a guest post on another blog.

Our flagship product is Aussie Ginger Chai. It came about because Daintree tea is a favourite of ours. This Australian-grown tea has a natural warm, spicy earthiness, and so it seemed obvious to make it into chai.

Aussie Ginger Chai is really popular. People love it. We offer free tastings, and before they know it, they are hooked.With Kali Chai already holding the ‘black’ position, we blended this to be as milkily indulgent as possible. We recommend making it with all milk, no water, and way too much sugar or honey.

Both of the above are only available from our Australian store.

The main reason for this as they are created with ingredients readily available in Australia, but not easily or economically sources elsewhere.

BP5 700
Bread Pudding Chai

For overseas, we created two more.

First, there’s Bread Pudding Chai. Redolent of nutmeg and cinnamon, it has a lovely warn fruity spice hit and is perfect as  a dessert.

You won’t find it available on line anywhere yet.

It was created for the British Market, but has not been released there yet. But in a bit of a twist, it’s available from one outlet in Australia – a place that imports good only available in Britain.

That leaves Star-Spangled Chai, not surprisingly created exclusively for the US market. It’s closer to Kali Chai – it’s incredible black – and features a massive hit of star anise. You need a while after this tea to try any others.

SSC2 Edit 700
Star Spangled Chai

That’s all of our chais, all of our teas. Leaving out a few we do for other brands and three that we once had but eliminated over time, there are no more.

So far.

Lady Devotea has already put another concept on the table. We’ve started experimenting to get the flavour component right.

We’re excited.

It never ends, and we’d be disappointed if it did!

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  1. I like the way you created country specific blends.
    But the “but not easily or economically sources elsewhere” makes me wonder since we are in an era where we can find anything anywhere, proclaiming that is quite a challenge per se.

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