Why Carnival… when you can FIESTA!

As a proud member of the Association of Tea Bloggers, there’s no way I’d miss the upcoming ‘blogger’s carnival’. Especially as I’m virtually the earliest blogger in the whole group, dateline wise. So each day occurs earlier for me than almost all of the others. I’ll get in there first and kick it off.

So, the assignment is simple, they’ve set the topic, and it’s time to blog. August 17th is the day.


August 17th? ARE YOU MAD? Don’t you know that’s the day Lady Devotea and I touch down in Barcelona, a city we have wanted to see forever? Honestly, what is wrong with these people? Don’t they check my diary?

I need to work around this.

OK, my answer is, I’ll go early. Publish it on the 16th. It’s that sort of devil-may-care approach to the rules that my legion of screaming fans loves anyway. And the 16th here might even be the 15th for everyone else. It’s just like an anarchists’ headquarters around here, except with more tannins.

Next: The topic: “Your favourite on line teas.” Let me think. That would be… ours.

I mean, why would we sell them if we didn’t think they offered something to the market. I could talk about great estate tea suppliers, like Lochan teas or Darjeeling Express, but really, what do you need to know? They buy, then sell, good tea. Not the world’s most riveting blog.

So, just to recap: I’m not sticking to the date and will be talking about myself. Excellent. That’s the sort of blog assignment I can handle.

I also tried to vote for one of The Devotea teas in the ATB awards. Only one, in amongst the others I put forward. I was politely told I shouldn’t. OK, fair enough.  It’s my genuine opinion that it’s something special, but it seems it’s not the right look. And you gotta have rules, right?

At least I can console myself that these rules don’t apply here on my blog.

So… 1001 Nights.

“Why 1001 Nights?”, I hear you ask. (I have excellent hearing).

Well, 1001 Nights is the first tea I ever blended. It was partly based on my frustration last time we visisted Spain.

You see, the Spaniards put lemon on everything. And I am of course, allergic to lemons.

“Sin Limone” – “No lemon” became my catch cry. And then when we returned and bought a tea shop, I was envious of those who could enjoy their tea with a slice of lemon. Particularly the flavoured greens.

So, by combining lemon grass and lemon myrtle, I created a lemon hit. By mixing them with some gunpowder and pure peppermint, I created a taste I loved.

It’s what we all know as a Moroccan Mint style, but with that citrus tang.

It took off a bit in the shop – bear in mind there were 163 other teas to choose from – and the positive feedback was highly encouraging. It still is, particularly amongst those who love it iced.

From there a few things have gone wrong and a few things have gone right in our tea adventures, but it’s been about four years, and now 1001 nights is available not just in Australia but also in the US.

So, in a few hours we will be in Spain. A land of much Moroccan influence. A land where a nice iced 1001 nights will go down a treat. And a land where they have an almost daily excuse to have a party. Lady Devotea’s late cousin – A Londoner living in Spain-  once told me that the whole country could shut down and get drunk to celebrate someone’s second cousin in Honduras posting a letter.

So, I’m calling a Fiesta de 1001 Noches. The whole country is invited. Since I know they’ll all be partying about something anywhere we go in Spain anyway, it will take virtually no effort to organise.

A few teacups scattered about, an ATB logo as a nod to the blogger’s carnival and I’ll probably start a tradition that will last forever.

“feliz 1001 noches de fiesta, todo el mundo”

10 thoughts on “Why Carnival… when you can FIESTA!

  1. Any excuse for a party, I like that way of thinking. Raising a cup to your holiday, hope you have a great time and I look forward to meeting you and Lady Devotea!

  2. Thinking of you Robert up there, over the skies. Hopefully you’ll never have to love us all. (Reference to his last boarding tweet)

  3. For the record, 1001 nights is a favorite of mine from your shop. I could drink gallons of the stuff! It’s one of the few teas that I can say I experience a real pleasure in making it and drinking it. Not only does it taste wonderful, the scent that is experienced when grabbing a few pinches of it to throw into a pot is fantastic. I really think it is a winning tea!

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