Where’s the funny bits now, hey?

Invariably, when I write a blog post, it has funny bits in it. I could call my blog “Tea with Funny Bits”, except that it would then not be appropriate when I go off on a full scale rant.

But today, no time for funny bits. We are rather busy here, @ladydevotea and I.

You would all expect that, as it is the day that we celebrate INTERNATIONAL LADY DEVOTEA DAY ; where the world gives thanks for Lady Devotea. Naturally, this means a lot of stuff going on here. Without a word of a lie, I predict we will receive just as many congratulatory telegrams from world leaders as the recent International Devotea Day.

As we commence the celebrations here, it’s worth mentioning the project that has kept Lady Devotea and I busy for quite some time: The Launch of our US and UK sites.

Yes, that’s right! Not a funny bit, but deadly serious. You can now buy a selection of our teas in the UK and Europe and in the USA. “Yippee”, I hear you say as you reach for your wallet.

So, I have a celebratory breakfast to prepare for ILDD, complete with some Lord Petersham, (which is now available to all of you) and a bunch of stuff to do, so no time to add any funny stuff.

A little Lord Petersham

Once again, I apologise for the absence of both funny bits or a good old rant, which I know keeps you guys coming back.

Luckily, I have a rabbi, a Scotsman, a bartender and a talking horse here with me now, and we’ll be working on jokes for next time.

5 thoughts on “Where’s the funny bits now, hey?

  1. If it’s any consolation…my brother and I were doing Lord Petersham impressions when I was brewing some earlier today. With lisp.

    There. There’s your funny bit.

  2. Congratulations but perhaps even more importantly – happy Birthday to the lovely @ladydevotea ! It gets a bit confusing here with the launch dates, but we’re thrilled you’re up and running. No doubt fellow Tea Traders will do their best to get the word out, and the tea into everyone’s cups. Sipping on your Persian Princess while commenting. Of course.
    Also, we have a a rabbi leaning @hiphopteashop a @scottteaman (though he’s from Ohio) a would-be happy to bartend @lazyliteratus, and a talking horse. That could be me, but last time I looked it really wasn’t.

  3. By the way, now what would @kaylotta say if she saw your grammar error in this blog title? Not: “Where’s” – “Where’re!” She might let you off, but she may not have forgiven your little bit of policing on her post : P

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