Ah… Milly.

I have just learned that an on-line friend, @mildewpea has passed away; as a result of an accident.

When I was making my first few videos and engaging with the tea community, there was no-one more encouraging than Milly.

Milly was Tea Twitter family.

Her first ever tweet to me, I remember, was when she intercepted something I had sent to @thetearooms to scold me for using a fairly obvious euphemism. I thought she was serious – for about one tweet.

I had many conversations with her outside of the public timestream, and we exchanged some correspondence (actually our dogs did).When Wellington, Milly’s beloved dog was diagnosed with a terminal illness, I started #wellingtonwednesdays , and every Wednesday we all sent good thoughts.

If you ever wondered why Milly was not very active over the last year, her account was repeatedly attacked by a bunch of trolls, who seemed to be obsessed with Justin Beiber and upsetting Milly.  When those same trolls went after me, Milly stepped in and offered very useful advice.

I wish I’d spoken to her more of late. It’s been about 15 days since we last exchanged a pair of tweets, as I say, she has become slightly withdrawn from Twitter.

I’ve never met “Mr Pea”, but my thoughts are with him in this sad time.

Rest In Peace, the one and only @mildewpea.

I shall lift my cup to you now.


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  1. I’m also trying to set up an on-line wake, as either a Google hangout or just a twitter event. You will be required to eat cake and drink tea!
    At this stage, Sometime early Fri 27 (Aus) / afternoon/evening Thur 26th (US)

  2. What a lovely tribute Robert, especially the title “ah… Milly” it says so much.

    I am not part of the official “tea twitterers” just a humble tea-drinking Brit (roughing it in the colonies) who followed Milly on Twitter. She was always gracious in her tweets, responding promptly and sweetly. We tweeted about Summer Pudding once I remember. I wish I had had the opportunity to meet her in person.

    I would like to send my kindest sympathies to Mr. Pea and to all Milly’s family and friends.

    One thing for sure; they will be throwing a lovely tea party in Heaven to welcome Milly.

  3. Dearest Milly

    You will be missed so much, twitter will not be the same without you.
    I am so pleased we got to spend time chatting, you always brightened my day.
    I’m sure Wellington will be glad to be reunited with you again.
    I will always think of you when I have a cup of tea or eat a crunchier.



  4. (this on behalf of May King Tsang who had some technical issues)
    The first time I tweeted with @MildewPea was when I first came across her profile pic. Her pic never failed to make me smile seeing her peering mysteriously above her good ol’ British mug.
    We tweeted about tea of course and my last tweetersation with her was about sharing my love for all things tea and British. I showed her my latest British teapot purchase when I went back to London briefly and had a wonderful exchange. She shared and tweeted with her heart on her sleeve and I will miss her as will all of her tea friends and Twitter followers.
    My thoughts are with her family at this difficult time. Raising a cup of tea to you too, my dear tea friend!

  5. I think that the tributes on Twitter for our beloved Pea say it all. She was witty and warm and sweet. She wasn’t just some person, she was MildewPea. And she wasn’t above having a naughty, sly little jest, either. A touch of spice to enhance the sugar.

  6. This is really sad! Though haven’t frequented twitter much, when I did, I shared a lot of tweets with the lady! Feels sad! RIP Milly!

  7. I am quite saddened by th passing of millie. tho I hadn’t tweeted with her much lately, earlier last year we had several lively dm convos.

    My heart has an empty space in it. Tipping my teacup to u hon!

  8. It’s a sad day. But I feel very privileged to have known Millie on twitter ( and fb) for a long time and to have had some of the funniest conversations ever with her.

  9. Shocked and saddened to hear about Milly. I’m not much of a tea connoiseur, but what we did agree on was the Great British institution of Heinz Baked Beans, which she said she enjoyed a lot and asked me lots of questions about the recipe which I’m afraid I couldn’t divulge. A thoroughly lovely Twitterperson and will be much missed. RIP Milly

  10. I am stunned and saddened. For a long time I avoided Twitter, wondering how you could possibly do anything useful in 140 characters. I never expected that you could develop true relationships and fondnesses for people. I didn’t “chat” with Milly often, but occasionally in my stream I’d find a small kindness from her or a response that brought true joy and amusement. In a 140 character world her profound warmth, generosity of spirit, and kindness came through loud and clear. She was Our Milly and she will be missed. (And I must credit her for introducing me to the word “Moggy.”)

  11. I am truly shocked and sad. I’ve never been able to handle death in the most socially acceptable way. So, if I do anything unusual it is just my way. What I do want to say is she will be missed. I just recently got to know her and she was so sweet to me. I enjoyed hearing from her. It seems obvious here that she has touched so many of us.

    You will be missed Milly, but never forgotten.

  12. Thank you so much for your very kind words about my mom. She was a truly unique person and I know your warmth and friendship was so appreciated by her. On behalf of my mom and our entire family, thank you.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Alexa

      As Milly once tweeted half in jest to Ken (@lahikmajoe) her eulogy would be “She livened the place up a bit” and whilst I’m sure that applies everywhere she went, it’s particularly true on twitter.

      You are in the thoughts of all of us.

  13. I was very saddened to read of Millie’s passing when I hopped online this morning. I didn’t get to know this lovely lady as much as I would have liked. But I enjoyed her tweets and the way she made one feel welcome. She will be missed.

    Robert let me know what you decide and I’ll be there. One way or another!

  14. Confirmed dictionary-junkie, casually brilliant baker, Bard-calibre japester, belle of the church choir, trolley dolly, friend of all pets, sympathetic ear, etc.—there are an awful lot of Millies to miss, and I’ll miss all of them dearly.

    I don’t know if I’ll ever be Moggy again.

    Good-bye, old friend, and thank you.

  15. I am stunned and saddened by news of Milly’s passing. She was a truly special lady, always ready with a friendly word and a virtual hug. Twitter has lost a shining star and two little children have lost a truly wonderful Oma. My thoughts are with her family. I will never forget you Milly.

  16. Beautiful post.

    I too will miss Milly – she was such a sweet, funny person. I loved reading the exchanges between her and @thetearooms even though sometime I hadn’t the foggest what they were going on about. I’ll always remember her as the picture she posted of her with Earl aka Mr Pea dressed as the Queen and Prince Phillip for a fancy dress party.

    I am very grateful to have known her at all.

  17. Words. Inadequate and sometimes troublesome contrivances they are, we must use them to try and articulate what we feel.

    MildewPea, I miss you but I will remember you as long as there is TEA.

    *Raised cup salute 3

  18. These comments are so touching. The post itself wasn’t bad either.

    I’ve been walking round in a fog all day over this.

    Only reading what Katrina said, I’m reminded of all the funny words/phrases we used.

    My favourite?


    Mildew Pea was a master of the Mickleblather. A true master.

  19. This was Mill’s tweet on Jan 9th:

    “My epitaph will read: ‘She Livened Things Up a Bit’ (no, the end is not nigh & please no burial or headstone just cremate me & retweet this.”

    So,I did as she wished and retweeted her tweet. I wish it had never come to it.

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