My posting has slowed down lately.

Partly that’s because of a huge rant that I spent a week on and then never published after some facts I discovered damaged my contention. Part of it is that I am writing for paid sites here and there. And partly it’s the time factor.

The funny thing is, it’s happening at a time when I have a lot to say. Or a lot I could say.

Many of you know Lady Devotea and I have operated two distinct businesses for half a dozen years now: tea and …the other stuff.

Well, we’re closing the other stuff.

And we are working on a plan to undertake The Devotea in a new way. A bold, surprising plan.

And of course, it’s top secret. I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you.

Maybe it will come off, maybe it won’t and I’ll give it all up for a new career as funeral director, chicken sexer or street sweeper. The next few months are critical.

Since I’m not sayin’ , feel free to make up your own scandalous lies about what we might be doing. Or even suggestions.


Robert Godden

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3 thoughts on “Transition

  1. You want to kill us? I hope it will be with elegance and with a cup of tea.

    “after some facts I discovered damaged my contention” Is that you speaking? I don’t know who you are but get out of this body and right away.

  2. You and the Lady Devotea are secret scientists who are crafting a Tea-tonium bomb that will infuse the entire global geothermal water table with Persian Princess. Genius. Sheer genius…

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