WOW! This tea is sensational It’s light and peppery on the tongue, and yet has a full-mouth feel that has an odd similarity to fragrant soap. Except that if this is what having your mouth washed out with soap is actually like, I wish I’d sworn more as a kid. But to fully explain, I need to […]

Politically Correct Tea?

Chairwoman? It’s enough to make me apoplectic. It seems that this idea of political correctness is everywhere, and so often completely incorrect. It’s like a new, more socially acceptable form of mathematics where Π is equal to 10, because it’s a lovely round number. Too bad if bridges fall down. In the politically correct stakes, it’s often gender politics that masks the politics of ignorance. […]

My Mokalbari tastes better today

I’ve been enjoying the great Assam estate teas from Mokalbari ever since I ordered one on a whim from Vivek Lochan at Lochan tea. This morning, I had cause to visit the Mokalbari website, and I like what I saw. Not for the profile, nor the tea descriptions, nor the press bits, nor the packaging – actually, I do […]

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