Tea History

The Lure of The Giant Teapot


Well, boys and girls, it all started with a giant teapot. That’s how we ended up with a stall, tastings and a talk at Ladies Day at a retirement village. Years ago, we looked the economics of holding tea events in Aged Care homes and retirement villages, and they simply weren’t there. Not enough money, too much effort. and my own prejudices. You see, the main ladies of that age…

Tea Service

“I know the nicest thing I ever had on the Kokoda Trail was a cup of tea given to me by the Salvation Army. And I hated tea that never had milk or sugar in it; this didn’t have any in it and I loved it, I wanted more. I had half a cup, that’s all they had. I never forgot that one.” -Interview with Syd Heylen, 39th Battalion, June…

Fine Words Butter No Parsnips

A small intro, before the main event. I’ve always loved the saying “Fine Words Butter No Parsnips.” On a whim I decided to use it as a blog post title, with no idea what to write about. And then, on another whim, decided to challenge a few dozen other tea bloggers to use the same title, this week. I hope that many of them are linked in the comments below….

She and He and Tea

Tea has been caught in the crossfire of a battle that is ostensibly between men and women for hundreds of years now. Why bother, you might ask? You might say “Don’t we have gender equality now? Not only for men and women, but also every variation of gender and sexuality therein. It’s it, like, the law and everything”. Well, here’s a photo I snapped from the TV this week.  It…

A Trolley Good Time

The Tea Lady is virtually a mythical figure these days. Once an essential part of any medium sized business; the post is now reduced to a couple of stereotypes. In my part of the world, they finally seem to have totally disappeared in the early 1990s, although the die was cast a couple of decades earlier. I blame “Time and Motion Experts”. Remember those guys? They had a stopwatch and…

The Hub

I was going to start by saying “regular readers will know”, but as I have published only three short, simple pieces in five weeks, I probably don’t have any left. The last four months have been the most demanding of our lives, and this Thursday, the catalyst behind it all will come into being. I’d like to say “burst” into being but I don’t have the energy. Every waking moment…

The Hypocrisy Continues

I wasn’t sure I should post this. But, here goes. I spent many hours writing a post recently. And then found one fact that challenged my assumptions. My basic premise was that the new anti-gay laws in Uganda were a springboard for more or less boycotting African teas. What I have decided to do is share the post, as it was, up to the moment I discovered a fact I…

The Collective Minds of Tea on the 7 Great Stories

This is the final entry in my “List Week”. Seven Lists in Seven Days. If you’ve been reading, you have my thanks. If you haven’t – what’s wrong with you? According to a famous work by a certain Mr Booker, there are just seven stories in literature, and all books follow one or more of them. As a finale to my week of lists, I present my take on the…

My 12 Best Blog Post Titles What I Wrote*

The Devotea’s List Week. List 4.** I love a great title. I find inspiration in titles. Many of my favourite authors go for brilliant, somewhat far-out titles such as Philip K. Dick (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”, “We Can Remember it for You Wholesale”, “Flow my Tears, The Policeman Said” ). Or the clever puns and references of Terry Pratchett. (“The Last Continent”, “The Fifth Elephant”, “Going Postal”). And…

Pop Culture

I’m on record as being unmoved by both Japanese teas and Japanese tea culture and ceremonies. Taking your shoes off, sitting on a rush mat and admiring a stick in a vase does not in any way cause me to suddenly enjoy tea that is too bitter, and/or too thin, and/or looks like second-hand bile or worst of all, has rice in it. Luckily, I have a delightful Japanese sister-in-law…

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